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AUTEXX EU-New- and used
-cars including VIP-
Info- Service


AUTEXX delivery any
ordered car carriage
free to your shop
in Germany!


The AUTEXX 5-star-guarantee
and the AUTEXX take back


Is the COC or the admission documentation missing? No
problem with the AUTEXX car registration paper service


You can receive our car stock regularly as collective offering e-mail
or see it up-to-date online. Request easy and not binding your
exclusive car dealer access.

Car dealer access

With your personal access data, you get access around the clock
online car stock. Because we take data protection seriously, all
introduced data will be validated before the activation.

  • Request personal access data.
  • Short data validation (max. 24 h)
  • You get an e-mail with a confirmation link
  • After the confirmation of this email, you get within a short period your personal access data.

With the request of your access data you do not make any obligations.
The AUTEXX information e-mails or fax can be cancelled at any time separately.


Have you found something suitable in our stock? Contact us via
telephone, fax or e-mail. If nobody else has been faster than you, we will reserve the desired car up-to 24h for you.

  • Have you taken your decision? We prepare your order. You just need to validate it, sign it and it’s done.
  • You get automatically all cars with the AUTEXX 5-star guarantee.
  • Depending on the offer, the creditworthiness and the quantity we offer advance or post -payment
  • For larger quantities, we offer you special prices upon request.
  • We keep you updated via email about the status of your order / delivery.


Additionally to our latest collective offering,
you can use our VIP-Info-Service:

Frisch reduziert

Aktuelle Preissenkungen per E-Mail noch bevor diese im Sammelangebot zu sehen sind.

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Noch nicht dabei? Hier erhalten Sie automatisch wöchentlich unsere Schnellübersicht.

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Info über unsere Neuzugänge per E-Mail noch bevor diese im Sammelangebot zu sehen sind.

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Car transport

Naturally, we take care of the car transport – carriage free – to your premises.
Unbelievable! (Not valid for express-orders)

Carriage free delivery including:

  • German car registration documentation
  • Stamped service booklet
  • Insured transport
  • VAT
  • AUTEXX 5-star-guarantee
  • All car keys


We do not promise, we guarantee! Our target are satisfied customers and a regular long-term


1. Rescind-guarantee

In the unlikely event that a car cannot be delivered at the promised date and the delivery cannot be resumed within 4 weeks, you can rescind from the contract easily and uncomplicated and without cost and obligations.

2. Carriage free delivery

With this, all our prices are final prices – no cent extra (not valid for express orders)

3. Price-guarantee

You get every ordered car for a fixed price
(Independent from exchange rates in foreign countries or price increase of our suppliers)

4. Car-registration-paper guarantee

You get all cars not only with COC Papers, but also with a complete German car registration documentation.

5. Authenticy-Guarantee

All offered cars can be ordered and delivered as described (No fake offers or loss leaders)

AUTEXX-Take Back-Guarantee

With the optional AUTEXX-Take-back guarantee, you can return any car within 100 days without additional cost. You can get the AUTEXX-Take back guarantee for any car. This will be taken out before or with the order of the car or the cars. The cost for this is a one-off payment of 3% of the car price, but minimum € 500,- and maximum € 1.500.

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Car registration documentation

We take care for you getting the car registration documentation I or II, the COC documentation or the
Technical Inspection Agency experts report according to §13 or §21.

Procurement of documentation

  • A vehicle registration or a car sale is at risk to fail due to incomplete car documentation?
  • You do not have the contacts or connections to organise the documents?
Hier erfahren Sie mehr
  • The procurement of the missing documentation does take time that you do not have?
  • You have regular demand and are interested in a standardised and reliable processing?